The mission behind Off-Piste is to bring high level, alpine focused, strength and conditioning programs to any athlete who seeks improvement. Alpine skiing is in our blood, and we strive to find improvements anywhere possible. 

Alpine ski racing is unique, in that most athletes exposure to training on the hill is extremely limited. Compare Bode Miller to Tom Brady, do you think Bode spent as much time in gates as Tom did on the football field growing up? Of course not, he was forced to spend 8-9 months of the year waiting for the snow to return. This is the reality for most skiers. As kids, these months should be filled with other sports. Learning motor patterns and building agility, balance and coordination will without a doubt benefit the athlete when they get back to snow. But as we begin to get older there becomes a greater need for ski-specific training.

The biggest benefit, and primary focus, of out-of-season training is injury prevention. Ensuring that the athlete 1. moves correctly, 2. can both create and resist forces without comprising their body position, and 3. does not have and strength or mobility deficiencies that could increase their chances of sustaining an injury, are all incredibly valuable to an athletes chances of success. In order to achieve this we continually educate and evaluate our athletes on proper movement. Additionally, all athletes have access to our media library which contains detailed breakdowns of each movement our athletes do. 

After injury prevention, our secondary and tertiary goals are to increase overall athleticism, and build ski-specific skills. This is achieved by consistently training a multitude of different areas. As we move closer to the upcoming season, and a stronger athletic base has been created, our programs adjust to more closely match the challenges that an athlete will face on the hill.



Getting Started


Athlete Tracking

Before a program is designed, our coaches must first get to know the athlete(s) that they are working with. After signing up, you will first receive and email with a link to fill out a general information form, liability waiver, and release form. Next, we schedule an initial meeting with you and your coach. Either over a voice or video call, we will work with you to determine your program. This will likely take from 30-60 minutes.   

Once we have completed these to steps your coach will get to work creating your individualized program!


All of our athletes receive access to our online programming software, TeamBuildr. Both web and mobile app options allow the athlete to:

  • Access their program
  • Enter performance data
  • Communicate with their coach
  • Access Off-Piste media content

*Team packages allow teammates to communicate and congratulate one another on PRs!